“We met some months ago and I found out you really did inspire me. Like a lot. This message is meant to thank you for that and because I like to share a story with a good ending:
You seemingly conquered a number of personal hurdles to become an independent, creative and positive person. That really struck a nerve, while I, in meeting you, was looking for an easy fix for a problem that needed real work. It motivated me to be less fatalistic about what I could achieve if I -like you advised- just embraced the unexpected some more. It’s not like I found a miracle cure against any social anxiety or overthinking that pops up but I tried harder to come over as more confident and had a real good talk about that with a psychologist/sexologist – awesomely good advice from you. And well, I faked it till I partly made it : ) In the last months I switched jobs after better evaluating the personal freedom different paths could offer, got some stories published I didn’t thought somebody would care about and, most fulfillingly, I also decided to experiment with my first serious dating in years, which was way less scarier than expected. All this by deciding not to give in to easily to fear.

A number of friends and other people gave me similar advice as you did (‘confidence is key’, ‘everything starts with taking chances’,…) but you really sold it to me. It feels a bit silly that these simple truths took so long to be acted upon, but better late than never.
I really didn’t expect this outcome and I don’t think it would have been quite the same positive catalyst for introspection if you weren’t as quick-witted and empathic in a rather vulnerable moment.
For that: lots of heartfelt thanks! I hope that your positive vibe may unlock any lucky breaks you are wishing for.”


Private correspondence

“Trust – it’s a beautiful thing.

Good heavens, you are such an interesting person – every email you write surprises me a little and makes me think a lot.  I feel very lucky to be able to have email exchanges with you like this.  I have gone through my life taking things for granted, clinging on to opinions I formed years ago and never really questioned, never really stopping to think about so many aspects of life, love, sexuality – everything, really, about what it is to be human.

But now I have a bit more time I seem to be ready to start questioning my own assumptions.  Interestingly, I genuinely don’t find this process – having my opinions challenged or turned around – uncomfortable or ‘destabilising’.  On the contrary, I find it stimulating, highly educative, and uplifting.  It’s very good for a person of my age to go through a process like this!”


Michael, private correspondence

“Thank you so much for sharing yourself with me. You were incredible. I know it mustn’t have been easy with the unfamiliar request and the overall awkwardness but the way you adapted the situation was incredible. I haven’t felt so comfortable and cared for in a long time, which is even more impressive considering we only just met. You are truly something special. I only wish I had more time here to spend with you.”


Private correspondence

“If you want an English speaking lady who is very knowledgeable about the industry and is passionate about advocating about decriminalization (not to mention being a top-notch escort), try LiLu.”

“Thanks for the compliment. I didn’t find any reviews either, but they both have a close connection with the well thought of Lilu, who takes her work and the industry seriously.”

“Lilu is an excellent suggestion, especially for the other guy requesting an English speaker.”

“I saw Lilu two years ago when she was using the professional name Oihane. She’s the real deal. Expects respect in communications and during the meet. Really responds to positive attitude and good manners.”


ISG Forum (Barcelona board)

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