There’s a lot of people seeking a “real connection” with an escort. Through all my years at sexwork I have seen the utmost importance connection has in these kind of experiences. It’s something that seems basic to me, that I was already seeking to provide and look for in my encounters without having taken any look at marketing or client loyalty at all. How am I going to enjoy some time with people I have just met if I can’t make a connection of some sort?

But sometimes the wrong kind of person who wants and expects a real connection approaches us. I’m talking about the people who seek providers that would give them a real, good connection, but don’t play their part on it. They expect some kind of magic to happen, that someday, among all the women they have booked, they will find THAT escort.

I work solely based on feeling and decide if I’ll meet someone based on the way they introduce themselves and how their approach is. I’ve found, through all these years, countless people starting in a really bad way, not giving out any info whatsoever to make me feel safe or at least know what they want, and expecting a “real connection”, blaming the escort world for not having provided it yet, and for it to not show in front of them magically.

The thing is, the opportunity has been in front of them many times. They simply chose to not take it, to not read an ad, a website, to not dwell into someone’s personality, to not take the time to write a proper introductory e-mail that made me, or the likes of me, feel secure and eager about meeting them.

Months ago, when I was already replying to almost any message I got, except the most stupid ones, I got to see what their logic was like. They usually told me that “all escorts were the same”, “all the ads said the same shit” and “why would I read anything if it’s always the same”. I can get the point, I have seen myself thousands of similar lines of copy in escort ads. I write my own and it’s very personal, specially because of that; to stand out of the mass and show that I am just my real self. I can understand not wanting to read over and over the same words.

But what I cannot understand is seeking for a connection while thinking we are all the same and we all write the same things. Connection is based on two people’s feeling. You may connect with this but not with this other one, and they may both have good personalities and good copy portraying them. If you think everyone is the same, how exactly are you going to find any connection with anyone? How are we going to get a great feeling from your first impression if you don’t care the least bit about reading?

Feeling and connection is built between both, not magically done with a wand and TA-DA, there you have your stellar experience, sir. You are an important piece of having a stellar experience. We respond to how you behave and while there may be providers who don’t want to build connections and work in a different way, there are others who do want to build them, but we can’t just fake them or make them out of thin air.

Do your research, take your time, read everything about those who attract you and contact them showing that amount of respect for their time and effort in their copies, and the chances of you having a fantastic connection will skyrocket. If you prefer to keep thinking that we are all the same, don’t be bewildered if you always find… “the same”.


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