I was born in 1989 and grew up in the 90s, when the hairless trend started to gain traction in porn and the social pressure to shave also started to increase. Growing up I assumed that shaving was the norm and never questioned it. It was messy, uncomfortable and tedious, but shown as a necessary evil to “achieve beauty”.

Fast forward to my early-mid 20s my body was still changing and the razor burns and itching red skin increased dramatically. I tried waxing but the results were pretty similar and it was more painful than shaving, so I stuck to the latter. It was also the time where I was starting to dip my toe into sex work and at 23 started webcamming. I lasted so little there as it was not for me, but made an increase on the shaving pressure.

When I moved into erotic massage it was usually done with a thong on so I started to leave my bush out growing and shaved the rest. It felt really comfortable and I also found it visually appealing. I find myself looking like a doll when I shave that part and it feels awkward. Maybe I remember those Barbie beveled and embossed panties too much, but reminds me of that.

Then full into my escort career I slowly evolved from “what men want” (from my early agency days and madames telling me this) into “there is a niche for everything and some people will be absolutely into your thing”. I knew I wanted to be more hairy, but still felt social pressure to shave. I still feel it to this day, but more on that later.

Started to get clients who really enjoyed my bush and even asked if I could grow the rest of my hair for our date, especially armpits. I was keen but still dubious as I thought I would be losing income from my other clients in order to satisfy a niche. Sometimes I risked it and went to a date with some hair grown and being afraid I could get rejected because of it, because none of my pictures showed a hairy escort anywhere. But surprisingly for me no one complained.

I ended up realizing that my actual main niche, the natural escort and GFE, already attracts people who want the person as is, and sometimes they are even aroused by a hairy surprise they were not expecting.

With my moving into the UK and a small adjusting on my new conditions and way of working the hairy question was an important one. I researched into other hairy companions and was very glad to find people who looked incredibly beautiful, natural and genuine. I wanted to be like that. I wanted to grow that confidence into defying social pressure and show my beauty in my way.

Still feeling hesitant I made a poll on my Twitter to test the waters, and although I do not do things that the majority want just for the sake of it, I was looking for some reassurance into my decision. After all this is still a business and I need to be aware of that when considering changes into my branding. I remembered that most of those past clients who were so invested into hair were also most of my favourite regulars. If that’s the kind of business I was going to attract, so be it!

I still have high doubts about the legs hair, since I do not find it as pretty as the armpits or bush hair for my tastes. This probably stems from social pressure as I am worried about going out without them shaved but I no longer care about the armpits being shown. I probably need more time to keep evolving.

The good thing is that since I am quite flexible, I really do not mind shaving for the occasional client here and there, or even on my own if I want to do an overall shaving and regrowing phase. With the next photo shoot in a few months I will update my gallery to show up new hairy escort photos, and I just cannot wait to have them!


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