Disclaimer 1: This is fantasy and fiction. I think it’s important to remark this point because although this comes directly from my inner self it does not mean that I want this to happen, much less with anyone at anytime or anywhere. My latest blog post explains this matter in more detail and I want to make clear that if you try any of this without having discussed it previously with me I won’t enjoy neither do it. Fantasies are great when everyone is informed and consenting. I also do not wish to have sexting surrounding this fantasy as it has its place in a safe setting. When I want to, with whom I want to. Not just randomly anytime and much less without compensation for my time.

Disclaimer 2: English is not my first language so I may make errors in both grammar and style. It’s the first time I am publishing some of my writing and even personal erotica, so if it sounds “weird” then you know why.

Note: The mistress mentioned in this story is my dear friend Fosca Dominatrix and I have her permission to use her as a character here. We have considered the chance of doing this in real life somewhere in the future but it would take me to feel extremely safe and comfortable with all the patrons so it would be offered to very trusted regulars only. Please do not contact me or her asking any of us to do or talk about this fantasy if we don’t even know you at all. Thank you.

Note 2: The patrons are not based on anyone in particular. Of course I gave the Londoner quite the protagonism since I live and work in London, but they don’t have any assumed appearance (other than the beard), skin color or ethnicity so you can make that up as you will. Pick the character you want to be and enjoy 😉

The dim light traversed the room trying to find its way through the group gathering and landing on the walls next to the shadows of the patrons. There was a dusky atmosphere and the air felt kind of spicy.

Several chairs formed an arc facing the stage. Very comfortable ones. On them, a small crowd of well dressed men. Whether it was a full suit with a tie or a slightly unbuttoned, but elegant, shirt topped with a classic jacket; they sure took their time to prepare for the occasion. From different corners of the world but with the same taste for success. They had been waiting for the event for quite a long time. One could say the stars aligned that night.

Their eyes turned to a shadowy figure in the middle of the arc over the small stage. The sparse murmur stopped gradually as they focused their attention on her. The occasion asked for her best shoes, previously cleaned by one of her finest subs. A fitted pencil skirt with a slight opening on the side and a simple but elegant white shirt completed the ensemble. She didn’t need much to impress. Natural curls on a long and wild brown mane and intense eyes did the rest. The mistress got the attention of the whole room and the silence was both tense and exciting.

‘Let me welcome you, dear gentlemen. I hope your flights were pleasant and relaxed, as I am going to raise your heart rate tonight.’

A few of them couldn’t hide their excitement. The Singaporean patron was playing with the cuffs of his shirt nervously. It had been really hard to get all of them together.

‘We have been playing together for a long time and it is time that I generously share my best toy with you’- continued the mistress. – But.

There was tense silence. All the eyes were onto her.

‘Since I know how much you enjoy a challenge you are also going to entertain me tonight. As you know, I, Fosca Dominatrix, am a great slave merchant. I find great pleasure in auctioning them and see you all fighting to get a glimpse at my precious wares.’ – she walked slowly while talking and her eyes traveled through the observant faces of the crowd. Her hand reached a switch that gradually revealed the slave.

The light shone over the body of a naked woman wearing a pink bondage set with a matching collar and leash, now in the hands of the mistress.

‘I present you one of my favourite toys, one I have shared great moments with.’ – said Fosca with a smirk.- ‘But first I will let you examine her for a brief moment to make sure she is up to your standards because I understand you are here looking for the utmost quality. Let me assure you I have never disappointed any of my suitors.’

The men started looking at each other, waiting to see the other’s reactions. Calmly, the American patron took the first step and stood up, readjusting his cuffs. The rest started following him except for the Londoner who preferred to wait a bit while observing the scene.

In front of them, a rather shy and innocent looking woman was sitting on her knees. She didn’t make eye contact and was still leashed to the mistress. The South African started to touch her back gently with two fingers while walking around her. This prompted others to approach. Promptly she had hands all over her back and chest. One went for the feet before anyone could get there. He went nearer them and smelled. Wanted to lick but one look from the mistress was enough to make him readjust himself and just touch.

The Londoner looked at her in the eyes and, for a brief moment, he got a look back. He had a well trimmed ‘salt and pepper’ beard and inquisitive eyes. Got up and approached her. Touched her jaw gently and she closed her eyes. But got a sudden shiver going through her spine and opened her eyes widely when someone stuck a finger in her ass. The mistress noticed and slapped the hand of the American. Ouch.

‘Inspecting is over!’- she announced. Everyone returned to their seats and the excitement was palpable in the air.

‘The bid starts at 500, gentlemen. Who wants to start?’ –

The American’s hand raised quickly.- ‘600, anyone?’ – two more patrons raised their hands and a third one afterwards.- ‘900, who wants to go for 1000?’

After a brief moment of silence the Singaporean raised his hand.- ‘1200 here please.’- a mumble started in the other side and lead to another quick bid for 1300. A few instants later a clash between two of them. 1400, 1500, all the way until 1900. And silence ensued again.

‘2400.’ – with a soft but firm voice, the Londoner emerged from the shadows and made a statement. There was some stunned silence afterwards until the ones fighting recovered from the hit and kept trying. 2600, 3000, 3200. The Londoner raised his hand again and simply said ‘4000’. The others looked at each other, trying to guess who was going to continue.

‘4000 going once…- announced the mistress.- ‘4000 going twic- she was interrupted.- ‘4200’ – blurted the American. He got a stern glare from the Londoner. -‘5000’.- he sentenced. Didn’t take his eyes away from his competitor. -‘5000 going once.’- she left a brief moment in between.- ‘5000 going twice…’- Silence among them and some nervous looks. -‘Sold!’- she declared.- ‘To the gentleman in the second row. Please come forward.’

He stood up and readjusted his jacket. Approached the mistress and she handed him the pink leash. He turned back to the crowd.- ‘I am quite known for my generous nature, so I will be willing to share my new acquisition with you all… – excitement ran through the other patrons.- except for one part.- he said this while posing his hand over the slave’s ass. Followed by a stern glare to everyone.

They stand up again, this time faster, and advance towards her. The mistress sits down to watch the show. Exchanges a smirk with the Londoner, who is again waiting for everyone else to start. Several hands start touching her chest and back again. One goes for the mouth and puts two finger in her lips, forcing it to open, and introduce them inside. The South African takes his jacket off, so follows the Singaporean. Another one goes directly in front of her and unzipped his pants. Took his dick out and put it just outside her mouth. With his other hand he gently pushed her head and forced her to lick it.

The Londoner was still comfortably seated on his chair looking at them. Before getting the dick to fill her mouth they exchanged glances again. She concentrated on pleasing her new master’s friends. The guy went back and forth slowly, enjoying every side of her mouth.

Meanwhile the feet enthusiast was enjoying a treat back there. Touched them gently, even gave them a massage. And, of course, licked them non-stop. He would be there as long as it was allowed.

The others were quite busy trying to get well positioned first at her back. The Singaporean grabbed her by the hips and raised them until she was on doggystyle. Then, took his dick out and rubbed it against all the perianal area, slowly.

At her mouth, business was increasing in speed and he closed his eyes relishing the moment. Back and forth, quickly… and he climaxed letting out a small pant. Still kept it inside for a while, savoring the moment after cumming and feeling her tongue on it.

The Singaporean kept massaging his dick against her other lips until it went inside. He had been waiting so long that it was quite a relief. It felt so tight and wet that he couldn’t control himself much longer. As soon as he came another started to push.- ‘It’s my turn.’- he said. The first one took a step back and let the newcomer enjoy the slave too. Soon something like a line started to form up. Another one went for the mouth that was now free again.

When his turn came, the American risked it again and neared his finger around the asshole. Turns out the Londoner had been watching all this time, and dedicated him such a glare that he instantly regretted doing it. It was time to take ownership of his newly earned toy.

The Londoner stood up, took his jacket off and gathered his sleeves up. Approached her under the watchful eyes of the other patrons. Put a finger on her shoulder and made it travel through all her back until her ass. When he got there he turned over and went for his belt. The cling sound of a belt deattaching made her shiver. He massaged her butt cheeks gently, enjoying the size of her hips. Stopped for a moment to watch the scene and enjoy the serenity of the moment. They had all paused their endeavors and now wanted to enjoy the master and the slave in live performing.

He stuck up the tip of one finger inside her asshole and she tightened up her body. Slowly went inside with one, put it out and added a second one on the next trip. Back and forth a bit, took them out and went for some lube, gently disposed by the mistress beforehand. Another round and it was good to go. It had been hard for quite a long time and it was the perfect spot to finally own her as her true rightful master. He stuck out his dick and played around with the tip inside the ass. Just the tip and watched her enjoying all that attention. They envied him, she was his and he was hers at the same time. The way a submissive also owns a piece of the master’s mind.

He went fully inside and she let out a small moan. The pressure there was great for both. He started slowly because he planned to keep her for a long time, so one has to take care of their slaves properly for that. But it took flight soon, as excitement had been building up for such a long time and he had been daydreaming of this since the tickets for the event were announced. At some point they were alone, among everyone else and the mistress, but alone in that world. Heavily enjoying the sweaty assfuck.

The warmness was palpable and several of the patrons were just helping themselves with their hands. After a while he started moaning increasingly and she felt it was her time to go too. A fitting gift for her owner to show him appreciation for his care.

They were panting and realized everyone was looking at them. He took a moment of respite, leaned his head back and closed his eyes. Enjoyed that feeling for a while and then pulled out. Cleaned himself and buckled his belt up again. Turned his mouth next to her hear and whispered.- ‘We will be meeting again soon. Meanwhile, entertain the guests’.

‘Yes, sir.’- she replied.


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