With the time and experience of being an escort you learn to see through the bullshit more easily. A somewhat good and bad thing is that society thinks that companions are stupid and scammable, so that translates into people trying to get advantage of us over and over, but we end up learning the tricks enough to see through them and appear stupid at the same time. Oh, the wonders of acting dumb.

Sometimes, under a beautiful mask of wording and and a nice introduction I can smell it. “I’m looking to see you regularly” between some other sentences, just to make it appear as if it was a casual idea that just came to their mind and wanted to focus on other more important things. I never realized I was already smelling the bullshit behind this phrase when I thought “but Sir, you haven’t met me yet, how could you know that you will see me regularly?”

And then experience came and hit me on the face. Absolutely not one single client who said this on their introductory email ever booked again. On the other hand, my regulars and trusted supporters never said anything about it and simply repeated again and became real regulars.

Two circumstances come to my mind. First, and the one I’ve seen regarded as a “tactic” on some online forums, is using this phrase to catch the escort’s attention and make her behave “better” on one single date in hopes she will get a regular suitor.

This one doesn’t really make sense for me, as I’m always myself and the way I behave depends entirely on how I’m treated, and not on promises and hopes that don’t fill my stomach today. Is there any proof that they will surely repeat other than that they said it? There’s no way to guarantee a repeat client other than being honest, good and exactly what you marketed. And still that doesn’t make it a guarantee.

The other circumstance is people wanting a specific and controlled experience that if it gets the slightest outside of what was on their minds, they discard the experience as a whole. I talked about fantasies vs reality in the past and honestly, if someone needs their fantasy fulfilled exactly how it was in their minds in order to become a regular, maybe I’m not the companion for them and that’s not the kind of regular suitors I want.

So if you’re thinking about contacting me, please, don’t tell me that you will be a regular in hopes of getting a better treatment from me, because you have chances of getting slightly the opposite, as I will be suspicious and wary of your attitude and behavior, and therefore that will make me more nervous and tense and the experience will be worse when it could have been perfect by just simply contacting me the normal way and enjoying how much love I put into my work, either if you want to repeat or not. Just show me how you are instead of telling me.


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