Growing up in a small town I quickly realised I was not going to follow my family’s path of staying there all my life. I consider myself lucky to have been born in an era when the internet was starting to change everything and opened a window for me when I was younger. I graduated from my small town to the capital of my county and then to one of the biggest cities in Spain. But I knew I needed more and a world capital was in my dreams.

There were several attempts to move out of Spain for me trying to find a career path I loved. I have lived in Ireland and Morocco for a while, and gained great self knowledge from those experiences. So I think the moment I chose to move to London was perfect in my life. And oh, I did not see how would the future unfold for me just when I was planning it and now I am very grateful for my fate this year. Not that I love pandemics, but could say my decision to move to the UK kind of saved me just in the moment I would have needed it most, without knowing.

I arrived in February amidst a storm called Ciara. When they have names they are quite strong I guess. Fortunately for me I am a lover of storms, even when I am under one, so the first night in the UK left an imprint on me. It was an adventurous night through the eurotunnel and all the way up, filled with fond memories now.

Shortly after settling myself here and starting to get back working that feeling many of us had already had when we saw the Mobile World Congress being cancelled became true. We were in a pandemic, a real one. After a few weeks I realised that if I had tried to come later it would have been impossible to enter and would probably have to spend plenty of months out of a job in a very expensive flat back there. I just avoided eviction by sheer luck of choosing February instead of letting it go again, like I have had with previous chances to move.

I still had some time to wander around London a bit, visit one single floor of the V&A (my naive self thought this thing would last a few weeks so I would just get back soon to check the others), visited Hamleys and went to meet some friends I was referred to by other sex workers. Overall all pretty positive experiences but they lasted short. Like everyone else I had to go inside and lock myself up. Luckily for me I have plenty of training in spending days alone at home where I can either play videogames or paint.

However I have to admit that eventually it ended taking up a toll on me too. I am not know for being out a lot, it has to be something significant to get me out of the house. But at some point I ended up desiring to just get out, for nothing in particular other than getting out. I could learn a lot about myself in the first lockdown, and was probably the worst one of the (hopefully) two. Dipped my toe into online sex work just to learn it was not my thing at all. That made me value how much I prefer in-person sex work and how much I missed one of my lines of work. Although I could survive it is not the same when they take a part of your life away.

When I was building my website I thought a lot on what would I add to the blog, and one of the ideas in the brainstorming was “how my first year in London has been”. Never in a million years would I have thought I would have barely visited London neither met many of the people I wanted to meet in person. I was hoping to write about all those experiences with friends, gentlemen, weird trips, quirky stores, the vibe of a world capital… yet here I am, still new to the city although I have been living near it for almost a year.

The good thing is that now I could get used to living in the UK for a while and I am way less afraid of exploring London when we are able to.


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