Although I’ve been escorting for several years, I’m still quite new to the kinky scene. I have always been curious about it, but afraid of doing something the wrong way and hurt people or getting myself hurt. I’m first and foremost a carer.

I had the pleasure of having two great teachers, Robbie and Fosca Bellpuig, on practices and consent. I’ve seen how they work and the pride they take on their professionalism and on the way they understand boundaries and practicing kinks in a healthy way for everyone involved.

We go back in time about three years ago, when I was still unaware I had a bit of a domme side. I got enquiries asking me to be dominant, but I was sure I lacked the knowledge, so although I was interested I had to decline them. But one day I got an enquiry from someone who already wanted to meet me in a vanilla setting, and casually mentioned having a giantess fetish on the first email exchanges.

He didn’t want to pressure me and completely understood that I had never done it and was unsure, but eager to try if he was willing to guide me on what he wanted. Luckily for me he was, and was so sweet and understanding.

Picture me at home watching giantess videos trying to grasp the overall idea. How to convey a giant woman in the size of a regular one? And to be somewhat dominant at the same time? But still be myself and try to not make all this together an awkward combination? I was so scared of failing but at the same time so curious and eager to try.

His giantess fetish involved facesitting too, and that part was easy for me, since I had already done it, I enjoy it a lot and I have big hips that help with that. I could start from there. Then he added a great idea: using gummy bears as “citizens” that I would stomp on, grab and eat. Adding sugar to the date certainly made me more interested!

So the day came. I was nervous but excited and fortunately nothing bad would happen if I couldn’t achieve it so I didn’t feel pressured to perfom perfectly and that made things way easier in my mind. He was such a lovely gentleman, a bit shy, but secure about what he was looking for. He showed me the gummy bears and we both had a good conversation and laughs.

We started slowly with the usual cuddling, kisses and playing along with each other. I was still nervous so I decided to face it like I do when the pool’s water is cold. Suddenly jumping in and letting everything flow around me. It gets warmer more easily than if I was just tipping the toe all the time. I went onto his face and sit on it. He was gladly surprised and started playing with me. I wanted to be sure I was doing things okay so I looked at his face. I saw an overjoyed man looking at me like if he was a little sheep. Not scared, but certainly adoring a giant woman. I can’t explain this, but I suddenly felt… bigger. It’s like the mood was so good that we both made me believe I really was a giantess.

I took the gummy bears and poured them over his belly. I started talking to this little citizens from above, choosing which one was going to be sacrificed first for the glory of their goddess. It was an apple one. I noticed him getting aroused at this while I was ignoring him and centering my attention on the bears. He had mentioned something about being so big that I wouldn’t notice him, and I thought this one was going to be tough, but it actually was easy. I had too many preys to catch and they were so colorful, so going with my legs, bum and feet over him while hunting for gummy bears was really easy and entertaining. He was delighted to be just another little citizen who could do nothing against my glory.

I looked at him like if I suddenly had discovered he was there by accident, and his reaction was priceless. It felt great. I was naturally enjoying the roleplay and doing things unscripted, just following the mood in the room. I kept going over it for a while. I ate more bears, ignored and stomped on him, sat on his face again. Several times. We laughed a lot.

When I left the room I had a mild headache from all the sugar. But still had a big smile on my face. If anyone asked, gummy bears made a goddess happy.


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