These are especially hard times. We have gone through collective trauma and many of us will still have it around for some more time. Even if we are at the start of the end of the nightmare, with all the vaccine rollout going further every day, several sociologists note that it will probably take a few years more to society to fully get out of this ‘state’.

Now, I know for some people spending time with an escort is therapeutic. Which is a good thing! But, I may give a few words of advice here. There is a difference between being a therapist and ‘being therapeutic’. Even inside the ‘being therapeutic’ tag there’s a lot to unpack.

While some of us may get interested in careers like psychology or sociology, and dip our toes in knowledge about the matter; not everyone is a therapist. Or even those who are real life therapists don’t want to mix their two occupations. A therapist has specific tools for your problems and can help you find coping mechanisms and much more, but it’s made through a proved system in which they received training for.

Escorts have been called ‘therapists’ or ‘healers’ for quite some time, probably stemming from the ancient stories about sex workers being appreciated and venerated by past societies. This sounds pretty, indeed, but it can be problematic. I do love when a client finds peace of mind or a solution to their problems because they spent time with me. That has happened some times and I love getting an email thanking me for helping them figure out their future.

But I didn’t do magic. I was just myself, tried my best to make someone happy, listened to them and gave the advice I may know about the matter or how would I face it. That doesn’t make me a magical healer wizard and seeing me in that light may lead to disappointment as I don’t hold all the answers for mind problems and I don’t want to be held to an expectation of fixing someone’s life problems.

Seeing an escort can be therapeutic, indeed. But not everyone works that way and if you are looking for escorts to ‘heal you’ I would suggest a change of mindset regarding this matter. The responsibility of your healing is yours and you can do it without anyone working ‘magic’ on you. It’s a long process, I know (been/am there!), but it’s the way you build long lasting strength and peace of mind. If seeing escorts makes you feel better, then by all means go for it. Just don’t be disappointed if someone didn’t just randomly ‘heal’ you. We are not a monolith and every escort is a different person with different values and life views. A person’s advice may not help you even if it works for them. The way a person listens to you may not be what you need and that’s not anyone’s fault.

Escorts can serve a wide net of different purposes and if what you are looking for is a way to cope or discover something within yourself I suggest to look for someone you think can fit you and keep discovering them through several appointments. If you go with the mindset that escorts are healers by default you will probably get disappointed at some point. Whereas if you go trying to connect with someone you have more chances of discovering something within yourself that eventually helps you.

An important thing to consider is communication. We are not magical entities capable of reading your mind (despite what TV and media have romanticized about us) and if you communicate your desires and needs we will be able to talk through them and it will be easier for you to explore.


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