One of the things that turns me off the quickest when I get a new enquiry is a person assuming not only that they are “objectively” handsome and I will love meeting them for that, but that they are “better than my other clients” because of it. It’s a wrong statement in so many levels that I get an instant bad feeling and it’s really hard, if not impossible, that I recover any sort of appreciation for that person neither a desire to meet them. Definitely a fast highway to the email bin.

In the same way that if you need to disrespect my escort peers to compliment me with something like “I like you because you look natural, not like the other fake girls who use make up”, if you use this then you are someone who links standards of beauty to your liking and deems some people are worthy of respect and some aren’t based on how they look or what they decide to use on their bodies. Most of my friends use make up and they’re still beautiful, valid, good people, hard workers and what they use doesn’t turn them into “plastic lifeless dolls”. I’m so tired of getting this kind of message that it has turned into an instant decline in a date. If you only respect escorts that cater to your liking, then you don’t respect escorts at all. You can have preferences without needing to demean what it’s not your cup of tea. A simple “I like this or that thing from you” is enough to be a compliment. That’s it. No need to compare or bring others down.

This same thing happens with society’s stereotypes for clients. It’s so assumed that they must be ugly in order to pay for sex and companionship, that those who can stand inside the strict lines of normative beauty think they have an advantage over most of the others and feel the need to blast their appearance status as if it was important.

Now, there’s some people who do care about it, and it’s fine to do so if that’s your call. I only criticize the need to bring others down to up yourself or someone else. I certainly don’t give a damn. I do have my own preferences, such as men over 35, beards or gray/brown/dark hair; but they are not decisive for me to like a person’s appearance. Someone can be a normative dark haired mature man with a glorious beard and still be a gross entitled prick, and that would become ugly in my eyes. When I was 19 I fell for a terribly handsome guy that mistreated almost every single girl he hanged out with. Through the years his appearance didn’t change but the way I perceived it did. He’s working as a model now, and when I look at a pic of him I see an ugly person. Not a handome guy that I know is a bastard, but an ugly person. Physically. I don’t know if this is something that happens just to me or it’s a usual thing, but my perception of physical beauty can really move based on the person’s behaviour.

On the other hand, I have met plenty of men who were “not handsome” or even ugly by society’s standards, whose appearance didn’t tell me anything in particular the first time I met them, but that with time and getting to know them I started to appreciate their eyes, the way their voice sounded, the way they looked at things, the beauty of their hands and many other physical attributes that turned beautiful to me.

Over the years I have been asked many times how can I have sex with “people I must not like”, and I tend to respond that I only have sex with people I like. I do know there’s a catch here, and that they think I must be meeting only “objectively” handsome people, and are left there scratching their heads as to how could there be clients who may look like models and why would they need to pay for sex then! It’s fun to play with people’s heads, specially when it’s their own fault for assuming everyone thinks the same. It’s a prejudiced question based on the idea that all clients must be ugly or else they wouldn’t be paying so they get a troll response back, but one that is actually true.

In this group of people I like to have intimacy with there’s a wide diverse array of sizes, skin colours, ages and body features. What they share in common is that they deeply respect me and my peers.

When contacting me don’t be worried about if I find you attractive or not. Be worried about being a respectful person and everything else will come out naturally.


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