I do not have a wish list in the form of a list of specific items. Since I do not like to have things I may not give use to and I am very picky about luxury items I prefer for us to go shopping together to some of my favourite stores in case you want to spoil me. Ask me which ones I like or show me new places in London that you like and we will have fun!

With that said, I also prefer that you prioritize my charities over gifting to me, as respecting me and my boundaries on a date and having a wonderful time together is enough to make me happy.

If you still wish to gift me something, please only consider things from below the charities list. I really prefer to not have things I may not give use to and I really dislike waste, specially in the fashion and cosmetics industries. When I buy clothing I take much care in choosing things that are of good quality, will last long and I will wear a lot so I suggest not gifting me any clothing I have not personally chosen with you at a store unless it is a fetish-specific thing we have already talked about using in our booking.


These groups and NGOs represent my values and I will be very thankful if you choose to donate to them instead of buying me a gift. I prefer to support small groups that usually need more helps than the big ones, so if you know any small NGO, group or even a single person who has a charity revolving around animal care, bee repopulation, earth care, mental health, queer and LGTBQI+ support or any other you think would fit my values, please tell me about it and I’ll include it in this list.




A sexworker-led collective campaigning for the rights of anyone who sells sexual services. UK based with worldwide connections. They have helped people very close to me in hard times, so they’re in my heart.


I had the immense honour of meeting Adeline and Kate in an event at Dublin on 2019 (there’s a video here!) and I can swear this is a very small organization that could use your help a lot. They work relentlessly against sex work stigma and the criminalization laws that are currently on Ireland.

Red Canary Song

A grassroots collective of asian migrant sex workers that started in New York and it is currently expanding worldwide. In loving memory and justice for Yang Song, who was killed in a police raid.

The Dialtone Project

A UK based charity that provides your old phones to sex workers in need of them to work. You can also contribute with money or fixing skills.


An online based sex worker collective and emergency fund to support marginalized sex workers in crisis.


An organization that provides care, support, training and advocacy for trans and queer people in the UK.

Nerve Tumours

A UK based group that provides information, support and raises awareness about Neurofibromatosis and Schwannomatosis.

Huellas Urbanas

A spanish collective based in CĂĄdiz that rescues and manages adoptions of stray animals.
Huellas Urbanas

Dogs Trust

A UK based organization providing rehoming for dogs.

Cat Flap

A very small UK based charity providing rehoming for cats.

The Maggie Fleming Animal Hospice

Although I don’t have the honour of having met this woman, I can feel by the way she talks on her website that she is made of pure love and care towards animals. These are the people who deserve all the support.

Micro Rainbow

Another small UK based organization that helps providing housing and social inclusion to LGBTQI+ people.

Things I would enjoy

Earth care

Although I do like flowers, I prefer to see them in nature rather than having them cut and eventually die. If you wish to gift me flowers, we can either go see them in a beautiful garden during our date or I suggest them being in a pot so I can water and nurture them at my home (I am not very good at this so I would say going to a garden is a better idea).

I am a big fashion fan, but I also love to be sustainable and support small businesses and creators. If you wish to pamper me by sending me gift cards, I would prefer Studio Pia, Atelier Bordelle or Linennaive for lingerie and clothing and Etsy for artisan goods.

And for every Fly Me To You I will offset my corresponding carbon emissions in the form of a donation to one of the charities above.


Body care

Regarding cosmetics I prefer bath bombs and gels rather than make-up or perfume, since I do not use those. Any brand is fine except Lush (any other that you know for sure that is tremendously exploitative with their labour is also banned), and I would absolutely prefer if it is from a small business. I love to discover new ones!

Spa giftcards. Have I already said how much I love being in the water? And since I am new to London I have yet to try spa pools and choose my favorites. Want to help me? You can send me a spa gift card and I will tell you how my experience was with some exclusive pics for you included 😉


Mind care

Books on crime, mystery and business! I am a big fan of ‘whodunit’ plots and I love playing to see if I can solve the crime before the story unfolds. I am also interested in better business practices to improve myself so if you have a particular favorite I am all eyes.

You may have already got the vibes from my website or Twitter, but in case you do not know, I am an artist and love to draw and paint. Art supplies are a somewhat complicated territory where we all have our favourites among hundreds of brands. These are my main places for general art supplies:

Ken Bromley
Cass Art
Jackson’s Art

And these small businesses are incredibly good:

Mossery Co
Ferris Wheel Press – I am currently collecting these inks!
The Calligraphy Store
Pure Pens

I am always in search of new dreamy art supplies so if you have a favourite I am all ears!


Future care

If you are unsure of what to gift me but still want to, you can invest in my future!

You can invest towards my next photoshoot and get exclusive pics only for patrons.

You can invest towards my studies, since I am always learning something, especially short courses related to art, design, fashion, sculpting or writing.

Or finally you can simply invest into my savings and thus help my mental health be more at ease and therefore way happier.

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