About me

Your interest in keeping warm memories brings you to seek meaningful experiences. You take your time, and put in the effort, doing your research and seeking people you would connect with. Longing for warm cuddling and kissing, you also desire to have interesting conversations and experience a real connection. May I be someone who can achieve that with you? Let’s explore together.

I am Lilu Izar, all natural and hairy independent escort based in London, where I offer GFE and kinky experiences (BDSM experience such as me being your Submissive London Escort or London Dominant GFE escort). And I’m an independent Hairy Spanish Escort.
I recommend you taking your time and exploring my website in order to see if I am a companion you would enjoy spending time with. If you are interested in reading more about me you can find my quirkiest version at my Twitter and for more serious matters I update my Blog regularly.

A Natural Experience

I am a natural and warm woman who offers a catered girlfriend experience to people I feel I could have a connection with. Affectionate, empathetic and caring, I will provide you a safe space for self-expression with my own point of view. Somewhere you can experience your own self, where we can create a meaningful encounter that you can keep on your memories to come back when you want to.

As a sensitive being, I love the natural touch of being barefoot as soon as I feel comfortable in a room. My smile is a basic item in my bag and I enjoy being a bit quirky and witty (I may not be British, but I definitely have their sense of humor). I am a kind and loving person who values connection and respect over everything else and prefer to focus on enjoying the best I can get from life experiences.

Being an escort has granted me freedom and confidence. The capability of working when I feel my best and to rest when I need to has changed my life and health. I am able to invest in myself and my future and at the same time I have learned plenty of things about my body, my boundaries, my sexuality and my self-confidence that made my mental health improve dramatically. I learned to love myself and I seek to project that self-love onto others.

As I enter into my 30s I feel now more confident than ever about what I want from life. I eagerly seek to learn, improve, feel and live. I have learnt to value time and the quality of it, so I seek to live the most meaningful experiences I can find.

Connection makes for the best experiences

When things flow naturally and respect is in the air, everything feels warmer. I don’t judge anything other than manners and respect. Whether we are talking over dinner, cuddling in the pool at the spa or having a warm intimate time in the bedroom I will always strive for both of us to feel comfortable, safe and cared for.

Is it true that Spanish women have the “latin fire” inside our body? That depends! I am indeed capable of being lusty and passionate for sure, but that requires a space where I feel everything is flowing easily between us. But don’t worry, I am also a good lover of softer moments with touching and laughing together.

Whether you are looking for a calm and relaxing GFE experience or a more adventurous kinky escort, we can meet in a hotel incall in London arranged by me or your outcall location be it your private home or your hotel.

In order to make this a reality for both you and me, I would need you to take your time, sit back, relax and read my website. I invite you to navigate my little world and make up your mind on whether you’d be interested in meeting me or not. I feel excited to meet when I receive a contact from someone who is shouting “I respect you” with actions rather than words. I think you know how this is achieved already, so I’ll leave you to wander around my virtual place and experience me.

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