How to Contact Me


First of all, thank you for reading! I appreciate it a lot when someone takes their precious time to read and pay attention to something I’d have to say, specially if it concerns my safety and well-being. You are most welcome to my guide on how to contact me.

As an introduction, this is a guide to contact specifically me, with the ways that would make me very interested in knowing more about you, and it is not a guide on how to contact every single escort out there. If you want to reach another person I really recommend you to read their own guidelines as they may differ from mine.


Step 1: Read

Yes, I am getting repetitive. Read, read, read. Yada yada yada. Reading is the best way you could start. Are you sure we won’t both lose our time because we are not a good fit? Reading about what I have written about myself on my About Me will give you a general idea of who I am and what I expect from gentlemen I’d like to meet. Reading about what kind of experiences I offer and what their rates and conditions are will make you sure if I match your budget and expectations.

If you are still uncertain, I did a long FAQ to help with the most common questions I have gotten through time. If you do not see yours listed, feel free to ask me!

Still curious about me? I write blog entries regularly and my Twitter is a short version of my spontaneous mindset.


Step 2: Take your time to think

Yes! You have decided that you want to meet me. Please, before filling the contact form, take your time to think about how much info you can give me. See, you have read everything about me but I do not know who you are. So the more you tell me about our meeting and yourself the higher the chances that I will read it being eager to meet you!

Please do not think that you can skip a box in the form. I spent some time deciding what would I ask in a contact form and the questions are there for a reason. If I open an email and find that there is not enough information to arrange a date, I will have to just close it without answering. I certainly do not find joy in asking the same thing several times in order to get an answer, so the most you give out on the first email, the better your chances to make the greatest of impressions.

The only box I consider non-essential is the “How did you find me?” one since I completely understand you may not remember, and it is there for site research purposes. The rest of the information asked for is used either for my own safety or to cater the date specifically to you, so those are essential.

If you are not sure about times or places (or you have a wide timeframe we can work with) it is fine to tell me so, but please understand that if your message contains a vague idea of maaaybe a possible future date, who knows, without any data on when or where, then I will just leave it there without a reply because I understand you may need some time to rethink until you are sure of what you want.


Step 3: Contact!

We are finally at it, yay! You got all the info and you are ready to contact me. You fill in the required boxes and then you get to “Please introduce yourself”. My experience tells me that some people find this box hard to fill, so here are some suggestions:

First of all, introduce yourself simply. Your name or preferred way of calling yourself along with your age or profession are usually fine for a start. That way I can feel I know who I am talking to. It is kind of uncomfortable to reply to blank names as I feel it is more cold, so let’s make it warm. You and me. Lilu and…

Then you can continue by telling me something about your personality, interests and expectations. Are you shy? Adventurous? Do you enjoy reading? Hiking? Are you looking for a slow soft date or a fetish one? Anything you tell me here will help me to get to know you a bit better and cater our date to you. Do not be afraid of telling me anything you may need. The more info I have, the better.

It is fine if you want to tell me how you physically look, but please take into account that I do not need to know, it does not change anything and I do not want you to feel uncomfortable if you feel that you have to disclose this. I am interested in manners, respect and personalities that match mine, not in your skin colour, height, weight, age or any other physical feature. My “type” is very diverse, and although I do specially like mature men and beards, I have found precious people that were not physically like that but their manners conquered my heart.

If you have any sort of disability and need to tell me in order for me to assist you, of course please feel free to do so. You will find a judgement-free zone within me. If I cannot accommodate you I will try to find someone who can.

Now that you have filled all the boxes and made sure everything is correct, you just hit send and wait for my answer. I respect and value other people’s time and the least I can do is reply to you even if I am not available or do not match your expectations. The ones that do not get an answer from me are those who do not fill in the required information.

If when I have replied you still need assistance on how to proceed, please do not be afraid to ask! I am an open-minded and kind person, and I will have absolutely no problem in helping you understand anything you need.

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