Due to the contact volume I receive and my short availability to answer emails during the day, please bear in mind that I cannot reply to every single enquiry and I reserve my time exclusively for those who take care and effort into presenting themselves well and making things easy. I have prepared a FAQ that should cover almost any question you may have, so if I didn’t reply to you, consider reading it. This section may be updated with new questions over time.

If you wish to read some testimonials on how I made people feel, head over here.

Contacting me and setting up an appointment

Why didn’t you reply to my message?

Please make sure that your message had everything I need to feel safe and reply to it. If you need a guide on how to contact me you can find it here. I don’t reply to messages that lack an introduction and a minimum info. I understand you may not be able to provide a specific date/time combination or a place when you contact me, but at least I would need to know one or several date possibilities to ensure we can start talking about an arrangement.

Messages with little to no information, simply wanting to talk, asking for things I clearly don not offer, questioning my screening and deposit procedures, rates, conditions or boundaries will simply be ignored. Please understand that if you want me to get intimate with you and be my fun, confident and comfortable self while at it I need to feel safe, respected and cared for. And of course you will get the same treatment in return from me.

If you think that even when ticking all the boxes I still didn’t reply to you, it may be that I’m taking some time to reply (I check emails at morning and evening, and could take up to 48h sometimes but usually takes less than 24h) or that it got into spam. I make sure of checking my spam inbox regularly, but if you fit into the above mentioned and still haven’t got a reply do not hesitate to contact me again.

What does your screening consist of? Do I need to tell you my ethnicity, skin colour, size or send you a photo?

Do not worry, my screening has absolutely nothing to do with your appearance and rest assured I don’t care the least bit how you look like or where you are from. Experience has taught me that good and bad behaviour comes from all sort of shapes, sizes and colours, so my main basis for agreeing to meet you is dependant on your behaviour and manners.

Do you accept references as screening?

I accept references from reputable providers who have a website and/or social media strong presence, but it does not trump my normal screening process alone. I still prioritize my gut feeling regarding the way you approach me, so please focus more on being genuine and natural yourself rather than hoarding references. I may ask for ID or employment verification depending on the situation and type of date.

Why do you ask for screening and a deposit? How can I trust you won’t steal my deposit? What if I don’t want to comply with that?

A small screening is there for my safety, and please bear in mind that if you make me feel safe by complying with my needs, I will be way more happier and relaxed when seeing you, which will turn out in a way better experience for you after all. You will notice that when deposit is cleared I’m friendlier and can dedicate more of my energy to you.

I live outside London and have quite some time of travelling to go meet you, plus I would be going exclusively for that and as you may understand, I cannot risk the time and money it takes for me to travel there without being sure that a date is surely happening.

I have spent thousands building my website, having accurate and up to date pictures and have built up a stellar reputation during the years. Trust me that stealing a deposit will get me nowhere and would ruin my reputation, which is way more important and valuable than some cash. This is a small world and no one would risk a healthy business built on trust over a single small payment. If I had stolen any deposit it would have been already told online at any of the places that have talked about me.

Rest assured that if I am the one cancelling the booking I will return your deposit in full.

If you don’t want to comply with my screening and deposit procedures, I’m afraid I won’t be able to see you. In that case I prefer that you do not contact me as we will both lose our time.

Why do you need at least 24 hours of advance? Can’t I book you on the same day? I just found you tonight!

I lead a busy life having more things in it apart from being an escort, specially my other business which is in the center of my heart. I dedicate most of my time to it and I love to have things planned beforehand to guarantee that I’m not rushing anywhere. So unfortunately, no, you can’t book me on the same day and the most advance you can give me the better the chances of us being able to arrange a date.

If you just found me and are leaving soon I am afraid I cannot do any exception based on that. If you are a traveller that seeks company I recommend you to plan ahead before you go to the city and check with who you want to meet. That way I guarantee you that your chances of meeting your desired companion will skyrocket.

Could you send me some pics/video to verify that it is you? Could I hear your voice before deciding to see you?

No. This is an extremely common tactic from timewasters and people who just want to get pics or talking for free. I am verified on every website and directory that offers the option, plus I have plenty of selfies in my Twitter and sometimes I do short videos too. I also have testimonials on my website. You have lots of resources to check up how I look like, sound like, how I behave, how I talk and engage and overall how I am and what sort of experience you can expect from me. If all this has not convinced you by this point, no pic or call will do.

And if you do not believe me, why would you want to meet me anyway?

Why is it so hard to get to meet you?

I do not intend to see everyone who wishes to see me. By putting up my conditions and being clear about them I’m telling you that I care a lot about the encounter by being available exclusively to people that are really interested in meeting. That way I can save my energy for those people instead of diluting them in people I would not match with.

It is not really that hard to meet me once you realize everything is based on plain respect and my boundaries are in place to be able to assure both of us will have a good time. I am pretty sure filling your taxes is harder than providing a proof of address or doing a deposit.

A friend gave me your number -which is not available on your website-, should I contact you through there?

Please do not. My phone number is a privilege for those who I consider serious and safe to see. I do not know you and the fact that someone I met gave you my number does not equal to you being automatically safe to see. Please proceed through my contact form like everyone else and when we have our date secured you can contact me through the phone. I have it set up automatically to white list only, so I will never take calls or reply to any messages from an unknown number.

If you have my phone number, please refrain from giving it to your friends and give them my website link instead. A reference is a good thing, but it cannot trump the screening process alone.

How my dates are

Why do you have a minimum time of 2 hours? What if I want to see you for a shorter time?

I am a very relaxed and quiet person and I absolutely despise rushing either to or from an appointment. During the years I have realized that 2 hours is the most comfortable minimum for me. Of course you can leave before that time is up although I don’t recommend you to. If you want to see me for a shorter time you can absolutely do so as I will not force you to stay if you do not want to, but my rates do not go below the 2 hour mark and I do not “split” appointments.

I see you do not offer arrangements over 6 hours for new clients. What happens if I want to see you for longer?

I prefer to meet people in a shorter date first before I decide if I would meet for a longer time. This is not only for me but also for you, so you are not stuck up with someone you may not match with. I have learnt that 6 hours is my ideal maximum to enjoy a good mix of social and intimate time and get to know someone.

Please do not contact me asking for those arrangements if we don’t know each other yet in person. We could extend a first date if we both feel like it, but there is no guarantee that it will happen.

What services do you provide? Do you have a menu list? I want to see you only if you do X/Y/Z.

I am a girlfriend experience escort and my service consists of an open-minded experience with me where I can guarantee that I love to cuddle and take care of you, but I do not list services in a menu type since I cater every experience to each person differently. I do not replicate experiences, I am simply myself with each person I get to see and everything evolves from there. Even if you see me talking about a specific practice in my website, blog or Twitter, it does not mean that I like to do it always or with everyone. The more respectful and understanding you are with this matter the higher the chances that I would like to do something I usually enjoy.

And although there are things I usually enjoy and things I do not, I cannot guarantee that one of the things I usually like will surely happen, as you may know that depends on the feeling and the situation. If you are looking for a very specific practice and you would be disappointed if it does not happen then it would be better that you contact someone who can offer you that.

What about health and safety?

Rest assured I take the utmost care of my health and that I get tested regularly. In fact I also care a lot about my mental health so if you see that I announce a brief hiatus on my Twitter it means I’m taking care of myself and making sure I am not providing a bad experience to anyone. Self care is very important for me, and it is what keeps me fresh and happy in this business.

Why you do not have a permanent incall? Would you visit my home?

I work part-time, very low-volume and live far from London. Having a permanent incall there would be an expense I cannot afford. My rates already take into account my travelling to London and an incall if needed. However my preference is for outcalls to hotels in central London.

I could visit your home with a proof of address. This can be in the form of a utility bill.

Are you discreet? Will you dress discreetly to come see me?

As the witty and quirky human being I am, I always wanted to reply to this one saying “No, sir, I will dress in a neon pink latex suit with a loud bell while shouting that I’m an escort and just got hired by you” (I actually drew this! You can find it here) but I guess I have to be serious on the internet and tell you that my interest in being discreet is the same as yours. I dress as you can see in my pictures, do not wear high heels neither make-up. I go into the hotel lobby like if I am a guest and just act normal when going to your room. There is nothing to worry about.

I completely understand your need for discretion and that is why I also provide lunch or dinner dates inside the hotel with room service if you are afraid to be seen in public with me. If you feel my name is too quirky for a public presence I offer you calling me Lily instead.

Speaking about dressing up, can I request you to wear X/Y/Z?

You can make up requests that match what you see on my pictures or similar fashions I may have. I cannot guarantee that I will have something you want, specially if it is very fetish specific. If your fetish revolves around something I do not have, you would need to provide it. Regarding shoes I cannot walk with high heels, but I could wear them just for playing in the room. However I do not have any and I mostly wear short heels or flats.

My wardrobe is mainly composed of comfortable and cute dresses and long coats, in pastel or pale colours, deep green, red, florals and some black dresses. I have some toys and I am slowly expanding both my lingerie and fetish/toy collection. I am open to suggestions from regulars.

Do you allow reviews?

I prefer not to, but if you are going to review me somewhere please do it with taste and refrain from giving excessive details as my experience was catered to you and it is not “measurable” in objective terms. Telling others that I was the person pictured, I was on time or that my behaviour was what I advertise is fine. Making them believe that they will surely get X/Y/Z from me is not.

I do allow a small space for testimonials in my website, and if you want to contribute to it by giving me your opinion on how you felt please send it to me by e-mail. If it is in another website or forum I would appreciate if you gave me the link to add it here.

I saw you mentioning (probably on Twitter) that you do not drink alcohol. Not even a glass of wine while dining?

No. I am absolutely a teetotaller and I do not enjoy any single drop of alcohol, not even in social settings. If you are turned off by this I can recommend you several friends of mine that enjoy fine dining paired with wine. Some of them are great experts at it in fact!

Do you care only about money? Can’t I see you off the clock?

Many people see the world in black and white, and think that if I would not see someone for free that surely has to mean I am here only for the money and absolutely hate the job. That is not true, as life is full of colours. I love many things about this job, specially how it has shaped my perceptions of value. My time is valuable and I have a life dedicated to many things, and being an escort is only one of those things. I have met some of the best people in my life here and they have improved it. They still understood that there is an inherent respect for the business transaction that keeps up the overall mutual respect and appreciation.

I simply cannot dedicate precious time to someone who is not willing to compensate me for it. Guilt-tripping into making me think I am a terrible-person-that-only-cares-about-money is plain obvious and we all know it is false. I care a lot about many of my clients, especially those who have showed me great respect for my boundaries and conditions since the start, and that includes paying me for my time and not making things difficult on purpose.

Do you see women or couples?

I am afraid not at the moment. I need to gain some confidence regarding those situations and they may become available in the future or in specific situations. I may be more inclined to accept if it is a duo with a friend of mine, though.

I will be happy to point you out in the direction of another companion who sees women and/or couples.

Are you hairy?

You may be confused by my gallery, as I show very little hair. I have always had a hairy bush but my armpits were a bit more random and I usually shaved them for photo shootings because my focus was on the natural GFE experience rather than the hairy. But through the years I have amassed a little fandom who dearly appreciates hair and I decided to let my armpits grow too. I can still shave on request for regular suitors or long dates, but normally will maintain both bush and armpits grown. As for legs I tend to shave them, but can let them grow under request too, depending on the person and the length of the date.

You're seeking a different thing from me...

I am a journalist/student/interviewer and would like to ask you some questions…


I have done my fair share of interviews/been used by students in the past and it always went wrong in some way. Society has tons of prejudices against us and researchers are not an exception. No matter how much you think you are not biased and your questions are legit and “with good intentions” I assure you they are not, and yes, you are biased. I recommend you check up with Swarm and read about what is the best way of approaching us to portray our realities instead of trying to “fix” the answers so they relate to your pre-made vision.

Ask yourself if your piece is going to help our collective in any way or just you, your curiosity or your desire to gossip about our world. Sex workers are fighting in plenty of battles right now to gain safety and rights and the last thing we need is someone doing an article on how “interesting” (aka weird, mock-able, bad and/or wrong) our lives are. The internet is full of these pieces, blog posts and so-called “documentaries”. There is not any need to contribute with one more. If you do not really intend to help, get out. And if you do, shut up, sit down and listen even if you do not like what you are hearing, and appreciate and compensate the fact that we dedicate time to explain it to you.

If you still want to ask me questions and you think you are genuine and will respect sex workers, my normal rate applies and I would treat you as another client, with the same conditions for screening, deposit and behaviour.

I am a photographer/web designer/whatever professional service I intend to promote, are you interested?

Please do not flood my contact form with unsolicited business I will never accept. When I am seeking out professional services I do my research and hire those that match my brand and values or ask my closest friends, therefore it would be better for you to invest in “being found” or building a good reputation among my industry peers rather than wasting your time messaging me.

This applies particularly to photographers. I am sick of seeing guys posing as photographers, or already being them but having a very simple and bland portfolio that does not excel at anything in particular, lacks good composition, lighting or even taste; trying to get to see escorts for free or even getting paid for. I have gone to enough photo sessions in my early days where I was drooled over, harassed and even inappropriately touched to know what I am talking about. If your approach to me contains any reference to how sexy do you think I am, talk about my body parts or any other sort of unprofessional shit (and you are already an adult to know what is and what is not professional) you will not only be ignored, but also reported to my industry peers.

Doing photo sessions for me is quite an intimate time where I need to get super comfortable so the worst thing for me would be having a photographer whose real intentions are to see me naked, talk dirty to me and overall get a sexy experience out of what should be a normal photo session. That is why since then I exclusively work with photographers with stellar references from my escort friends and that I feel they can match my branding. If you do not comply with these requisites, please do not advertise your services with me, they will be simply ignored and blacklisted as photographers I will never hire.

Although I am white and somewhat thin, I will not shoot with photographers whose portfolio consists of exclusively white and/or thin providers. I support diversity.

But I am white/fit/young/handsome/special/whatever, do these rules still apply to me? I am sure you can make an exception…


I do not make exceptions, rules are rules and I do not bend them. And I specially would not bend them over petty things like appearance. You being fit does not make me feel safer. You being young does not give me discounts on my bills. You being white does not guarantee me I will not lose my time on a no show. You being handsome does not make me rush out of my house desperately. Hell, you are not even handsome in my eyes if you want to try that tactic.

What makes me feel safe is respecting my boundaries, respecting me, and not expecting me to give you any kind of exception. If you do not like what I offer or it does not adapt to your needs, you are free to look elsewhere and we will all be happy.

Apart from the fact that you would be thinking that your attributes are somehow “objective” and would earn you some benefits. You do not know what I like and what my perception of beauty or handsomeness is. And rest assured I find arrogance and entitlement particularly ugly, to the point of making you physically ugly in my eyes if you act that way.

Please be the gentleman your mom would like to think you are.

But I am a regular/have seen you once already, why do I have to respect your deposit policy/give advance/cannot book shorter sessions/whatever? Are you sure there are no exceptions?

If we have already met you do not need to screen again but my deposit policy and other boundaries still apply. If we were a good match you can hire me for longer bookings, special bookings and see some exclusive pictures, plus you could book from my phone or email directly instead of going through the contact form again.

Being a regular improves the feeling over time, granting us more confidence in each other and builds up trust. Please do not overthrow it by trying to bend my boundaries to get something “extra” from me. You will not only not get it but it could also break our precious relationship.

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