You’re looking for a genuinely natural and real experience and that takes two people (or more in a duo with any of my friends) to happen. I value manners and behaviour over anything else and will feel safe and comfortable with you if you respect my boundaries and give me the same treatment you would expect from me.

Please don’t negotiate any boundary, it will just bring the mood down and can make me feel unsafe. You wouldn’t enjoy meeting someone who is tense and on an alert mode, so making things easy for me will result in you having the best version of me, centred around making the experience a blast for us.

If we meet in public

Normally you will be the one who knows how I look like, so a few directions on what clothing you’re wearing before I go to meet you will be helpful. I like the game of guessing who you may be among some people, but we still have to maintain it discreetly.

Please have my rate prepared in an envelope, giftbag or inside a book. Don’t worry and don’t be nervous, you’re just handing me something and no one is going to be suspicious. Think about how many times a day people exchange items in public.

If we meet in a private setting

When arriving at your room or my arranged incall I will greet you with a smile. Please have my rate prepared beforehand. In this setting, I don’t mind if it’s by hand, in an envelope, giftbag or inside a book.

After the business is cleared I will propose a shower together (or you can shower alone if you’d like, of course). Please don’t play around it, it’s intended for both of us is clean and fresh before having fun. Showering together is fun and we can make it a good experience đŸ™‚

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