The Experience

GFE Experience

My caressing and empathetic nature makes me able to create a safe space where you can express your feelings and desires, where you can explore your sexuality and deepest emotions. My GFE experience is naturally slow paced and tailored specifically for your needs. I am a good listener and pleaser, as well as a talker once I have gained confidence.

For some people I have changed their lives and for some others I gave them just a good fun time. There is no fixed experience. It adapts and evolves the more we get to know each other. I am open to discuss your fetishes and cannot guarantee that I would be involved into them, but I can surely help with canalising your fantasies, exploring and discovering yourself, and of course, having lots of fun too!


I do not have a fixed menu of practices I offer since it depends on our mutual feeling, but I can tell you that I am a very open-minded escort and generally enjoy kissing, cuddling and many other things that are better talked about in private settings. Let things naturally flow and you may be surprised.

Expressing emotions and being tuned into your sexuality can sometimes be hard in this modern fast-consuming-driven world that expects too much of you. Let me be your oasis of feelings and stop a bit to freshen up alongside me.


BDSM Experience

The Sub –

I am a soft-hearted submissive looking to expand my experience serving a good dom. I am more into the mental and ambience domination rather than the physical one. While I do enjoy spanking, I do not find pleasure in pain itself but on feeling dominated by a man. I may be a little bratty and playful, but in the end I love being on my knees looking at you, awaiting for instructions.

I do not offer a fixed menu of activities and I enjoy or not some of them depending on how you make me feel respected, including inside the roleplay. I have my own fantasies but my level of play will depend on our mutual feeling. Please do not do any outside the roleplay neither act in the contact phase as I need to feel comfortable and safe in order to enjoy them. Confidence is built through time, patience and trust.

I own a few toys that can accompany us in the session. I am still slowly expanding my collection so please be patient or suggest to bring one of your choice to the session, if we both agree to it. I own some restraints but they are available for suitors I have already met before.

I do not offer any kind of pain, marks, restraints (other than holding or grabbing me with your hands), fluid play, hard impact play or watersports. Please be considerate and talk thoroughly about what do you expect of a submissive session with me as, although I am very interested in expanding my submissive horizons, I take great care of my mental well-being and will not accept a session in which I think I could feel vulnerable. I may ask for references from your previous submissive providers.


The Domme –

As I am a soft switch I prefer to refer to myself as a “nurturing” domme. Meet your Dominant GFE Escort. My specialty is offering you a safe space, free of judgment, to explore your fantasies while I take care of your well-being. I will let you adore my feet, ass, and the overall body if you are a good boy. Who knows, you could even earn the pleasure prize of having me sit on your face. After all, Lilu is the supreme being.

Take into account that I am not a hard dominatrix and I will not accept sessions involving hard impact play or any sort of medical (not even this roleplay). I am still learning and may consider including pegging in the future. Be considerate and explain me your limits and expectations so we can get into a common ground where both of us will be safe. If you are looking for harder mistress sessions along with me I can recommend you some friends that can offer a special BDSM duo with me or redirect you to someone who can punish you in the way you deserve.


Clock Free Dinner Date

Let’s unwind with a flexible and relaxed evening together. We meet for dinner, have a nice conversation and some lovely intimate time afterwards… or the other way around! Then I ensure you will have sweet dreams, give you a good night kiss and run after my pumpkin carriage.

Around 4 to 6 hours

Shorter Dates

A shorter date is ideal for a first meeting. Refresh and disconnect for a little while we meet each other and build up confidence. Dates longer than 2 hours require social, meal or snack time. This can be at a bar, restaurant or hotel room service.

Starting at 90 min

2 Hours

Overnights, FMTY and extended dates

These special dates are available to suitors I have previously met so we can make sure our mutual feeling is great already. Please enquire privately to arrange details.

Starting at £800 for FMTYs and £2000 for overnights.

Please note:

I take appointments with at least 24 hours of notice and deposit cleared.
I can take care of arranging and incall in central London but my preference is for outcalls if possible.
You can enjoy complimentary time at my discretion if we spend it in places like a spa or a hotel pool. I am a watery creature!

My favorite places

These are special date suggestions based on things I love to do, that make me be my happiest and most comfortable self. Any dates that include these places will have extra complimentary time at my discretion, based on our mutual feeling and proportional to the time booked.


A day at the museum

The first time I went to the V&A I got lost and ended up talking to a Queen Victoria’s bust. I definitely need some company there. Want to show me your favourite museum in the city and spend a lovely day with me? Let’s try to find Ahkmenrah awake together!

I love exploring art exhibitions, particularly those that revolve around fashion history, impressionism, emotionally charged art, light and interactive installations.


Shit just goat serious

Trust me, I love my dear cat Coco, but he is a bit annoying sometimes, so I may want to cheat on him by petting other lovely animals, specially goats and deers. I can share my love with ducks, chickens, horses, cows or any other lovely thing that’s alive and ready to be pet. Including you.

I love animal reserves, cat cafes and farms. The only exception for zoos is if the animals have enclosures big enough to hide whenever they want, like the Munich Zoo for example. Otherwise, I prefer to see them the closest to wilderness that is possible.


To infinity pool, and beyond!

If I had a walk-in closet, half of it would be dedicated to swimsuits. I love to bathe in pools, specially the spa ones. It’s a shame they don’t let me bring in my flamingo float. I swear it’s ridiculously sophisticated and classy.

I love aquatic parks too! I have a lazy river major with a minor in queuing for ice cream trying to avoid the hot tiles because, you know, I just have to be barefoot anywhere. Can’t help it.



Let’s prove that Pluto is still a planet by riding the Space Mountain together! Are you sure you can spend up to 3 days in the company of a quirky pun-loving fantasy fan? Come on, let’s get goofy! Oops, I did it again.

While Disneyland is my favourite one, I’m into theme parks a lot. I’m a big fan of rollercoasters, specially those with loopings and cobra rolls. I grew up with LEGOs so I’m in for a visit to a place that sparkles imagination quietly too.



You are looking for a genuine natural and real GFE experience, and that takes two people (or more in a duo with any of my friends) to happen. I value manners and good behaviour over anything else, and will feel safe and comfortable with you if you respect my boundaries and give me the same treatment you would expect from me.

Please do not try to negotiate any boundary, it will just bring the mood down and can make me feel unsafe and avoid replying at all or even leaving the date. You would not enjoy meeting someone who is tense and on an alert mode so making things easy for me will result in you having the best version of me, centered around making the experience a blast for us.



If we meet in public

Normally you will be the one who knows how I look like, so a few directions on how can I find you will be helpful. I like the game of guessing who you may be among some people, it is fun, but we still have to keep it discreet.

Please have my rate prepared in an envelope, gift bag or inside a book. Do not worry and there is no need to be nervous, you are just handing me something and no one is going to be suspicious. Just realize how many times a day people exchange items in public and you do not even think about it. If you prefer to avoid this situation you can pre-pay the full date in advance too, and take advantage of some extra proportional time on my part for free if you opt to pay in full.



If we meet in a private setting

When arriving to your outcall or our arranged incall hotel room I will greet you with a smile. Please have my rate prepared beforehand. In this setting I do not mind if it is by hand, in an envelope, gift bag or inside a book.

After business is cleared I will propose a shower together (or you can shower alone if you like, of course). Please do not play around it, it is intended for both of us being clean and fresh before having fun. Showering together is fun and we can make it a good experience.


Screening, Deposit and Cancellation Policy


If I am visiting you at your private home I will need to screen you with a proof of address. A utility bill is usually the easiest way to prove that you are there.

For hotel visits and rentals I would appreciate proof of the booking.

I may require additional screening depending of the situation.


Deposit Policy

All dates 4 hours and below require a £200 deposit.

Dates above 4 hours require a 50% deposit.

Deposits are non-refundable but can be used towards future dates, please read below for cancellation policy.

I currently accept deposits through bank transfer. If you prefer to deposit with a gift card, please enquire which ones I could accept as I am not always in need of them.


Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel our appointment, please do so with at least 24 hours of advance and I will be able to put your deposit towards a rescheduled date within 60 days.

If you cancel within less than 24 hours to our date you will need to pay a cancellation fee of 100% of the booking (minus your already paid deposit, which can still go towards a future date within 60 days if you wish).


Please do not book me if you do not wish to adhere to these policies. Trying to negotiate these makes me uncomfortable and if I am uncomfortable the chances of setting up a date just evaporate.


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